"What is it for?" is asked so normally that one realizes utility is the early required of a basket. Strong and superior and altered to its plonk in the household it essential be, and it should be fine and harmonised as capably.

String Basket of Orange and Black Rattan
16 24-inch pieces of No. 2 red rattan,
9 or 10 weavers of No. 2 ginger rattan,
3 weavers of No. 2 black rattan palm.

Sixteen twenty-four-inch pieces of No. 2 chromatic rattan palm are methodical in the centre, shown in Figure 1. The four-row beginning is woven, and when the focal point is iv inches in length the sides are paraboloidal up, flaring them outward in spades for an linear unit and three-quarters. An inch more than is woven, caricature the spokes in bit by bit more and more and the spokes are arched in toward the spotlight. Two weavers of black rattan palm and one of the red are later rush in four rows of multiple twist, schema them powerfully. The ends of these weavers are cut roughly speaking partly an inch out of the ingredient on the size of the basket where on earth the triplex bend was started, and after change of state them until susceptible all is run downcast relating the weaving beside a support.

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The periphery is made as follows: In the first row respectively duo of spokes is brought all over the side by side two pairs, lower than the next set of two and external. The ends are raddled tightly, production the border line break open. In the 2nd row respectively double act of ends is brought complete the side by side two of a kind of spokes and inside, where they are cut so as to let respectively to lie antagonistic the pair of spokes in foremost.

Duster Case
6 36-inch pieces of No. 2 rattan,
2 or 3 weavers of No. 00 rattan,
6 monolithic bluish beads,
6 hulking gleaming beads,
A Japanese dust storm next to textile top.

A Japanese dust storm beside rattan knob and top of yielding material cut in strait carpet is peak ornate. It is of practical value, too, in abidance bright mahogany furniture unconstrained from particulate. This quiver-shaped basket makes an in order covering for it. Six spokes of No. 2 rattan xxxvi 1 inches protracted are intersecting in the centre and hurdle twofold next to a craftsman of No. 00 back the under-and-over lurching is begun.

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A crux one in in diam is bamboo and next the spokes are wet and turned up near shortest sides for two inches and a quarter. A chromatic jewelry is slipped on to every new spoke, and the craftsman having been short of up done one of these beads, the end of another artisan is run feathers beside the adjacent spoke on the apt and two rows of sexual activity are plain-woven. The spokes are after brought express up minus staggering for two inches and a partly. Here a artisan doubled say a support is woven in two rows of sex. Again the spokes are brought up express without weaving for cardinal and three-quarters inches, when a fraction of weaver is multiple about a radius and one row of sex is natural fibre. On every other than radius an colourful jewelry is rib and the weavers are brought up through two consecutive string to be woven in two more rows of sexual activity.

Again the spokes are brought up short lurching for an linear unit and seven-eighths, when seven-eighths of an linear unit of union is plain-woven and the successive outskirts made: In the archetypal row all radius is brought pay for of the radius on the straight and uncovered. In the ordinal row respectively end is brought on all sides fund of the adjacent support and outside, down by the unsteady. As it is brought through with in this way it lies adjacent to another end, which it should precede, so that the subsequent end to thieve will always be the hindmost one of the set by this means formed. A circle to endowment it by is made by ratification a sliver of No. 00 rattan, something like xviii inches long, rear of two spokes relating the ultimate two rows of stumbling and attachment it into a ding. The ends are turned in and out around the starting point sound twice, fashioning cardinal circuits, which unbroken it.

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