Listen: Holidays are over, and we've landed in 2007. Now, it's occurrence to see if you're genuinely set for this year's even rougherability and tougher Google AdWordsability theatre of war.

If you can answer 8/10 of the stalking questions correctly, you're possible all set. If you can't, you're probably active to be consumed for repast by the more up to date AdWordsability PPC sharks this year.

Answers are at the bottommost of the folio. No peeking, OK?

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1. Google AdWordsability allows the consequent phrases in ad text;

a. 'Click Here'

b. 'Start Here'

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c. 'Look Here'

2. Echt or False? Google allows you to have a popup ad on your platform folio.

a. True

b. False

c. It depends

3. You should hone your Google PPC ads for;

a. CTR (Click Through with Charge)

b. ROI (Return On Property)

c. Some CTR and ROI

d. Amusement value

4. Mentioningability the rate of your article of trade or resource in your ad file is;

a. Suggested by Google

b. Not recommended by Google

c. Compulsory in in no doubt categories

5. Victimisation your site's Abode page as a platform page for your Google ads is a;

a. Perfect idea

b. Bad idea

c. Very, terribly bad idea

6. What's a tried decisive way of ensuring your ad is displayed, once organism searches for your competitor's products?

a. Bid on keywords that are your competitor's trade name moniker or products

b. Use Projectile Keyword Insertion

c. Here is no juristic way to do this

7. Which of these should you deliberate the key weaknesses in the bulk of today's Google ad campaigns?

a. Overbidding

b. Low group of keywords to specific Google PPC ads

c. Enervated headlines

8. The #1 lines in Google PPC grades can frequently be a hard-up spot to aim for because;

a. It generates illustrious traffic, but bad results once the potential hits your platform page

b. It's commonly an hopeless post to achieve, as big advertisersability have ingrained a strangle-holdability on that position

c. It removes the good 'pre-qualification' activate performedability by highly developed point competitors' ads

d. All of the above

9. Which of the subsequent to spoken communication has investigation evidenced to be the utmost effective at cumulative a prototypical Google ad's CTR?

a. 'More'

b. 'Why'

c. 'Killer'

d. 'How'

10. Havingability a investigate keyword in your ad's presentation URL is evidenced to;

a. Upsurge your Google ad's Part Score

b. Stop your Google ad's Quality Score

c. Have no effect on your Google ad's Superior Score


1. B. 'Start here' is allowed (the separate two aren't).

2. B. Fictional. According to Google, 'We do not let links to platform pages that make pop-upsability once users get into or set off your platform page. We characterize a pop-upability to be any window, unheeding of content, that opens in add-on to the artistic windowpane.' (Yes, I do agnise here are ways nigh on this - but we're not active to communicate something like 'black-hat' shove present).

3. C. Hone for both CTR and ROI. Why? Achieving a graduate CTR next to tons of low-qualityability collection that doesn't convert, is vain. But likewise isn't havingability a high ROI and merely one sound a day a fritter away of event too? Solution; optimise for the suitable mix of some.

4. A. Advisable by Google

5. C. Don't even think roughly it. Chances are your Haunt folio does not have the plain complacent crucial to human all right as a platform leaf for your Google ads. Turn out a plain folio for respectively ad elite or else. Don't have one? Electric switch your ads off...andability get one!

6. A. Bid on keywords that are your competitor's tear to pieces name or products

7. B. If your ad photocopy matches the keywords exactly, prepare for a evidential pick-me-up in your Click-Through-Rateability (CTR)! Keywords should ever be enclosed in your ad. If the meticulous keywords programme up in your ads, they get highlightedability in bold. In particular, try with the exact keyword(s) in the ad's heading.

8. D. All of the above.

9. C. Understand it or not, the word, 'killer' is proved to be a existent attention-getterability in Google ads. Why? Who knows - but it building complex.

10. A. Havingability the query keyword in your ad's demo URL is evidenced to give your ad a rose-cheeked station aid - for free!

Did you pass? If you did, good done! For the time out of us, here's the nether line:

If you poorness to skirt comme il faut Google's 2007 Tiniest Credible to Succeed, maybe it's example to thicket up on your Google AdWordsability skills. What are you ready for?

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