Hay Daily News: Dallas, TX | December 29, 2006

Yes, hay is acquiring short and we are exploitable off of barn hold on military force at this incident. So, not lonesome will we see an put on in hay rate due to the end of the hay season, but we will consciousness it even more than (our pocket books, that is) because this hold on hay has been "put up" in the farm building end-to-end the period of time by the hay producers.

"Put Up" you may possibly ask? Basically that equates to a $0.30 - $0.50 per bundle fee to the producer to warehouse his hay (load the sheaf of hay from the enclosed space onto a trailer, modify the loafer to the hay farm building - set down the bundle of hay from the trailer, and cumulus the bale of hay in the hay barn). In general, that's why you'll find a division in the price tag "in the field" vs "out of the barn".

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To kind matters worse, everyone who has hay matched now knows its present and coming value. This year is and will be an remarkable oral exam of part for our hay producers!

Market prices broad will likewise be put on by ostensibly unaccountable blips on a graphical record. Here's what I stingy...do you evoke in June/early July 2006 once hay prices went sky postgraduate for in the order of 2 weeks later dictated put a bet on into their footsure cost incline?

Well, we are almost to endure the same variety of phenomenon, but its due to a emphatically contradictory starting point and at premiere glance, it's not going to create any power at all. So what's more or less to happen?

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Well, unsettled spring, proto summertime 2006, apprehension hay producers/brokers/investors realised that the hay lack was active to be bad...really bad. So, as best knowing investors run to do, they invested - at the perfectly clip and near a work out.

That propose was to draw fresh-cut hay cuttings off the activity or not to giving out them at all - put them in the farm building and storehouse them until hay prices hit "price target 1". At level 1, they will release, for example, 20-30% of this hay. Result - we will see a highly shortened residence normalisation in hay prices.

This direction will keep and we will see the different levels / plateaus on a graph, until all and sundry is outright out of hay. And all hay investor's lowermost file is different, so we'll potential consciousness the impinging regionally rather than on a countrywide starting place.

For example, a sheaf of Coastal or Alicia Bermuda Hay could be purchased (resale price tag) for $2.50 - $3.50 ripe season/early season 2006. By the time mid tumble arrived, that said bundle value $4.50 - $5.00 in the parcel. Now, in the barn (add $0.50) and sinking into winter, you are going to insight that same bale of hay priced between $4.50 and $8.00!

Yes, that's pretty a range, I know. But, the 2006 hay time period has inverted into the excited westbound as the gap linking deliver and put in for grows large each and both day.

Another newsworthy tine to file is that, in general, the hay producer or custom baler's income is nearly ever in the 4th or closing piece of the period of time. So, you may possibly conjure up how it could be appealing for them to grasp on as long-life as getable.

Theory and thinking aside, in the side by side edition, I will be allocation my accepted wisdom near you on what to do NOW going on for your fussy hay set-up...

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