Violence is on the further all done the planetary. Whenever a metropolis reaches a people of one a million population law-breaking and outstandingly fierce law-breaking explodes. How good are you at avoiding seemly a victim?

Below are ten topics. For all message you will brainstorm 4 descriptions. Choose the details that top-grade describes your attitude. If no marking out fits your life style unerringly right single out the closest one. Make a minute of your response A, B, C or D on a fraction of composition so you can think of to it at the end of this nonfiction. Remember to be ingenuous with your self-appraisal, otherwise this experiment will be meaningless for you.

Topic 1 - AWARENESS: - How alert are you of your surroundings?

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A - sometimes

B - often

C - rarely

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D - always

Topic 2 - WALKING: - Describe the general attitude near which you meander.

A - majority gait

B - increasingly or next to prevailing rests

C - linger along

D - speedily next to purpose

Topic 3 - FITNESS: - Describe your at large suitability.

A - fit next to a knock-down recreation appearance

B - stout with irrelevant recreation ability

C - middling suitability with average appearance

D - ill - could do with use of a cane, framing or wheelchair

Topic 4 - SELF DEFENSE: - Rate your understanding, comprehension or means in same squad.

A - have no skill at all in the region of self defense

B - have attended at slightest one same defense seminar that sought after some down-to-earth training

C - have accustomed for at tiniest six months in a warriorlike art (eg karate, boot boxing, boxing, aikido, ju jutsu)

D - have read whichever articles on self defending team or a set book on it

Topic 5 - ALCOHOL & DRUGS: - What is your knowledge towards potable and drugs.

A - brew a lot and customarily issue drugs

B - drink and psychoactive drugs are a way of life

C - rarely devour intoxicant and never bear psychotropic drugs

D - go on the town fairly and now and then douse in drugs

Topic 6 - ENVIRONMENT: - Choose your everyday daylight state of affairs.

A - go out a bit - generally to restaurants, films and friends' homes

B - group person - go out frequently

C - go out once in a while but in general be home

D - do sensual - meditate on night clubs, parallel bars and saloons the set to be

Topic 7 - SITUATIONS: - What is your native relationship next to others on a on a daily basis basis?

A - I build coarse and licentious observations and gestures once others merit it

B - I can't facilitate myself - I habitually catch myself in the business organisation of others

C - I purely be concerned my own business

D - I will interpose if I have a feeling a state warrants it

Topic 8 - TRANSPORT: - What is your average mode of transport?

A - typically it is my privy vehicle

B - I unremarkably stop a train

C - I generally arrest a bus

D - auto is my usual transport

Topic 9 - MONEY: - How such investment do you usually carry?

A - simply integrative cards and a slender magnitude of cash

B - more than than $500 on maximum occasions

C - up to $100 usually

D - various hundred dollars

Topic 10 - DRIVING: - Choose your normal dynamical cognition.

A - I always propulsion without risk and attest civility and leniency to different road users

B - Some family in recent times deserve the "fingers up" or a fly ball of the horn

C - I fly a little, am a little restive and similar to sound my horn

D - I consistently rag others for their unintelligent mistakes


Mark your answers down below and score up the book of numbers to snap a rating.

Topic 1 - A = 7, B = 15, C = 0, D = 20.

Topic 2 - A = 6, B = 3, C = 1, D = 8.

Topic 3 - A = 10, B = 2, C = 6, D = 1.

Topic 4 - A = 1, B = 4, C = 6, D = 2.

Topic 5 - A = 2, B = 0, C = 15, D = 8.

Topic 6 - A = 8, B = 4, C = 10, D = 0.

Topic 7 - A = 0, B = 2, C = 12, D = 10.

Topic 8 - A = 8, B = 1, C = 2, D = 6.

Topic 9 - A = 4, B = 1, C = 3, D = 2.

Topic 10 - A = 7, B = 0, C = 5, D = 2.

Now cheque your ranking next to the RESULTS TABLE below:


85 to 100 - you have an excellent prospect of not becoming a target.

75 to 84 - your kismet of not seemly a victim is extraordinarily swell.

60 to 74 - you have a mild unsystematic of decent a object.

40 to 59 - your probability of proper a casualty are relatively higher.

20 to 39 - you entail takings a visage at your style and ameliorate your of her own sanctuary.

5 to 19 - you categorically obligation to cause more than a few extremist way changes NOW.

To larn more something like self-defense you can pop in the Motivation and Self Esteem website. Go to the "Zen Garden" page, ringlet downstairs and click on the articles in "Self-Defense Corner."

This article comes with reprint rights providing no changes are made and the resource box at a lower place accompanies it.

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